Wiggling and Jiggling: #DontSweatYourPants

I have a confession. Last night, I may have given more of a show than anticipated at bootcamp. And I’m not talking about the free gun show to my biceps, hardy har har. It took me less than two minutes into the warm up jog to realize my tights were too big in the waist. As I jumped, lunged, squatted, and ran through my workout, my waistband kept trying to head south. I repeatedly had to do the annoying pull-up tug and wiggle every few minutes, which was really frustrating. During a set of mountain climbers, I felt a bit of a breeze down my back and leapt out of fear of flashing anyone and everyone near me. I flopped around to yank my tights back up.

Are you wiggling and jiggling to keep your pants in place?

That’s it. These tights have to go.

No offense to theses tights – they are in great shape, very cute, and ran through a half marathon with me. But it’s time they move on to a better life where they can help someone else and maintain their appropriate position on the waist. I’m so glad I was recently contacted by SIX:02 about their #DontSweatYourPants campaign. Between now and January 31, bring a pair of your gently used pants to your nearest SIX:02 location, and they will donate your pair to Goodwill® and give you $10 off a new pair of Under Armour pants or capris.  How great is that? Women are also encouraged to share Instagram photos and tweets tagged with #DontSweatYourPants, with one randomly selected winner receiving a $100 SIX:02 gift card each week of the campaign.


Through #DontSweatYourPants, SIX:02 and Under Armour encourage you to find a pair that fit, rock and perform while giving back to your community. If you’re currently tugging and wiggling, why not donate those pants to someone they will better fit? All donations will be collected by Goodwill® to create jobs in communities wherever SIX:02 stores are found!

So get to cleaning out your closet and bring pants you no longer need to your nearest SIX:02 store so they can be collected by Goodwill ® and you can help others. Don’t live by a SIX:02 location? Donate anyway! When you donate your new and gently used items to Goodwill®, they are sold in stores or online and the revenue generated is used to fund valuable employment training and job placement services for people in your community. It’s a great way to give back to your local community while feeling your best. I can’t wait to take a few pairs in to SIX:02 this weekend to donate and shop for some new Under Armour pants!


Thanks to SIX:02 for contacting me about #DontSweatYourPants and sending some great Under Armour gear!

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