Running with your dog and Stunt Puppy StuntRunner leash review

Running With Your Dog

Disclaimer: I received a Stunt Puppy Stunt RunnerTM leash to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

My best girl Gracie is my favorite running partner. Seeing the happiness on her face and that huge tongue flopping out of her mouth fills me with joy. If you are ready to begin running with your four-legged partner, below are some tips on running with your dog.

Trail running with Gracie and the Stunt Runner leash


A few years ago, I decided Gracie needed to work on her endurance so I enlisted her in a Couch to 5k training program. I was her coach and accountability partner and safely eased her mileage up. Just like humans, they need a safe training plan to begin building endurance.


I emphasize this as the most important factor to consider when running with your dog. If your dog is slowing down, then you need to slow down. It is imperative that you pay attention to their body language, breathing, and energy level while running together. Do not tug at your dog to keep running or run faster. If they need a break, then take a break. Certainly stop if he or she needs a bathroom break.

Gracie always sets the pace on our runs. Sometimes she gets bursts of energy and will lead me at a faster pace, but for most our runs I slow down and pay close attention to the pace she is comfortable and safe at. If you have a specific training run that you need to set target paces for, leave your pup at home and have them join for a less structured run like a cool down.

Trail running with Gracie and the Stunt Puppy StuntRunner leash


Carry enough water for you and your dog or plan a route that has easily accessible water stops for the both of you. Remember dogs don’t sweat, so keeping them hydrated is crucial. Leave your pup at home when the temperature and/or humidity gets too warm or too cold. Remember – they are wearing fur coats so be extra cautious with the weather and hydration.


Always have your dog leashed. You never know what sort of distractions or hazards you may encounter. Using a hands-free leash like the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner helps keep your gait natural and your dog close by.

Be prepared for the type of running you’ll be doing. You might need to carry more gear with you if you are heading out on the open trails rather than a paved path. Keep in mind the type of terrain and the conditions, and always have a pet first aid kit on hand.

Gracie and our trail running gear


Stunt Puppy Stunt RunnerTM Review

The specs:

  • Flexible connector between you and your dog stretches from 35”-51”
  • Waist belt adjusts 28”-49”. Custom sizing available through special order
  • Black metal D-Ring on waist belt slides to preferred running position
  • A traffic loop at the base of the flexible connector lets you pull your dog close when you need to
  • Duraflex quick release buckles offer security and safety
  • Swivel snap hooks make it easy to attach to a collar or harness
  • Tubular nylon webbing is soft, smooth and strong.
  • Simple, light weight design will not slow you down
  • Available in five colors – Black, Blue, Red, Silver and Orange
  • Designed in Minnesota, and entirely made in the U.S.A
  • Price is $38

Stunt Runner leash

The test:

Gracie was so excited to be enlisted in a BibRave product review! We headed out to Cedar Hill State Park this weekend to give it a test on the trail. Three different groups of fellow runners and hikers stopped to compliment Gracie and inquire about the Stunt Runner leash. That’s a sign of a cute pup and a great product!

The waist belt is adjustable so I could place it on my hips where I wanted. I found the webbing to be a bit stiff when I was initially trying to adjust it, but with some maneuvering I got the sizing right. I was worried the bungee connector would allow Gracie to venture too far away from me, but I was pleasantly surprised it kept her close to me. It also was easy to grab the traffic loop and pull her closer when a mountain biker or other dog was passing us in the opposite direction. Having the hands-free option allowed me to keep a natural stride while making sure Gracie was safely close to me.

Gracie running with the StuntRunner leash

The bottom line:

Not having to hold a leash while running with Gracie is so freeing!  The bungee allows enough give but still allowed me to pull her closer when I needed to. The belt was comfortable to wear around my hips. I’ll definitely use the Stunt Runner leash for all our future running and hiking adventures!

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