Run Where I Live: Dallas

My friend and fellow Bib Rave Pro Danielle of Live, Run, Grow invited several #BibChat bloggers to participate in a Run Where I Live series highlighting favorite running trails. To read more about our blogger road trip and visit other cities, visit our Visitor Information Center.

If you’re visiting Races and Rescues for the first time as part of the Run Where I Live Blogger Road Trip then welcome to Dallas, ya’ll! I moved to Dallas in 2009 and got into running in 2011. Here are five of the best road running trails in Dallas I’ve found over the past few years. If you’re travelling to Dallas, make sure to check one of these out!

Katy Trail – I end up running mostly on the Katy Trail because it is within walking distance of my home and office. The Katy Trail starts at American Airlines Center and runs 3.5 miles through Uptown to Airline Road, for a back and out total of 7 miles. It’s fairly flat and has a lot of trees that provide shade. The Katy Trail is very popular for runners, walkers, cyclists, strollers, dogs, and a locally infamous unicyclist, so be sure to follow the rules of the road for everyone’s safety. Seriously….follow trail etiquette PLEASE! This trail is so popular that trail etiquette must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. If you need a break, you can always steer off the trail for a drink at the very popular Katy Trail Ice House or Company Café (bonus- both have dog-friendly patios!).

Katy Trail

Enjoying Katy Trail with Gracie

White Rock Lake – My second most visited running trail is around White Rock Lake, a 1.015 acre city lake approximately 5 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. The multi-use asphalt trail is about 9 miles around the perimeter of the Lake. It offers the unique combination of a nice view of downtown Dallas and boats on the water. There are several options for parking and numerous water fountains. Several local running groups hold training runs around the Lake, and it can get heavily populated during the good weather months and peak hours. If you want to add a hill run or two, veer off the southern part of the Lake on the residential street named Loving Ave. If you need a break from running, be sure to visit the newly renovated dog park with your best fury friend or make a trip to the Dallas Arboretum. White Rock Lake is located between Mockingbird Lane, Buckner Blvd, Garland Rd, and Lawther Dr. 

Photo courtesy of Clif Bar

White Rock Lake image courtesy of Clif Bar

Santa Fe Trail – Connecting to the southern tip of White Rock Lake is the Santa Fe Trail, which add 4.5 more miles of running trails. This 12-foot wide concrete surface trail winds through east Dallas and ends in Deep Ellum. Even though the Santa Fe Trail has been open since 2010, it’s not nearly as populated as Katy Trail and White Rock Lake. There’s fewer tree coverage and a lack of water fountains on the Santa Fe Trail, so be sure to bring your own hydration. If you need a break, pull off the trail and visit gastropub The Lot for a drink and grab a bite to eat. The trail begins at Winsted Drive and extends to S. Hill Ave. 

A helpful sign along Santa Fe Trail

A helpful sign along Santa Fe Trail

Flagpole Hill – We don’t have a lot of options for hill training in Dallas, so Flagpole Hill is our best go-to option. Again, you’ll find a lot of local running groups bringing their members here for hill training. There usually is water available at the top of the hill, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own.  Flagpole Hill is located north of White Rock Lake at 8150 Doran Circle, at East Northwest Highway and North Buckner Boulevard. YOu will know you are in the right place when you see the every large flagpole.

Flagpole Hill photo courtesy of Jay Knight

Flagpole Hill image courtesy of Jay Knight

Trinity Strand Trail – The Trinity Strand Trail is so new, it’s not *technically* even open yet! The opening party was scheduled for May 2015, but a tropical depression and flooding forced the opening to be pushed to September. Even though it isn’t officially open yet, the existing 2.5 mile paved trail can still be accessed. It currently begins in the Design District at Hi Line Dr. and follows the Trinity Corridor to the Farrington Street and Medical District Drive intersection. This trail will eventually be nearly 8 miles long and connect the Katy Trail to the Trinity River, providing access to the Southwestern Medical District, Dallas Market Center, downtown and Uptown Dallas, Stemmons Corridor businesses and the Dallas Design District. Since the trail is so new, there is very little tree coverage and the water fountains aren’t turned on, so plan accordingly.

Trinity Strand Trail

Mural spotted along the Trinity Strand Trail

Honorable mentions outside of Dallas include:

Grapevine Lake (Grapevine, TX)

Spring Creek Trail (Richardson, TX)

Preston Ridge Trail (Plano, TX)

Chisholm Trail (Plano, TX)


Check out more great cities in the Run Where I Live series, and let me know where you enjoy running in your city!

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