Rudy Project Sterling Helmet Review

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a Rudy Project Sterling helmet to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

During the homestretch of training for Ironman Augusta 70.3, I received a Rudy Project Sterling helmet to test and review. It was perfect timing!

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet Review

The Brand:

Rudy Project was created in 1985 by Rudy Barbazza in Treviso, Italy. has a very good reputation in the active industry for creating quality sunglasses, helmets, goggle and more.

The Specs:

  • The Rudy Project Sterling was designed with the aid of an Italian hat craftsman to provide the upmost in comfort and safety.
  • Very lightweight at only 310 grams/ 10.64 ounces for the small/medium, and 343 grams/12.10 ounces for the large size.
  • Equipped with 18 vents to allow for optimal airflow.
  • Removable and adjustable three position comfort head ring.
  • Adjustable RSR7 point retention system to secure the helmet to your head and prevent it from detaching from your head.
  • Fastex® buckle closure system, which consists of a smile snap-lock buckle that is ergonomically shaped and ensures maximum stability.
  • Integrated and removable visor, which protects the face against knocks and scratches caused by impacts with branches and other sharp objects and acts as a shield against sunrays, so that you have an optimal view of the terrain at all times.
  • Removable bug stop net.
  • Fluorescent color options include fluo pink/blue, fluo green/blue, fluo orange/black, and fluo yellow/black.
  • Comes with a soft carrying bag and additional padding.
  • Safety Certified: CE 89 686 EEC, EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, AS NZS 2063
Visiting the Rudy Project booth at the Ironman Augusta 70.3 expo. Check out all those great colors!

Visiting the Rudy Project booth at the Ironman Augusta 70.3 expo. Check out all those great colors!


The Test:

Style and Fit: I love the color options for this helmet! I prefer bright colors for my gear as a safety precaution because they make you more easily seen while out on the road…and look awesome! 🙂 I received the pink Sterling helmet which perfectly matches my Rudy Project sunglasses, so I’m riding in pink style. It also has blue highlights.The other fluorescent color options include green, orange, and yellow. I also have my eye on the yellow helmet to match my bike!

Riding in pink style

Riding in pink style

This helmet comes in two sizes, small/ medium (21.25 – 22.8 inches) and large (22.8 – 24.4 inches). The fit is easily adjustable using the back dial. I adjusted the dial to keep my helmet snugly in place. I wish helmets in general offered larger openings in the back to easily pull a ponytail of full hair through, but I understand this area interferes with the adjustment dial and may not be possible. So if you have great tips for keeping your hair under control underneath a helmet, please let me know!

The bug net is a nice feature, but I don’t find that I have too many issues with bugs flying into my helmet. I guess it’s a nice to have feature that is helpful in theory. Now bugs trying to fly into my mouth is another issue that I would appreciate being solved…😉 I left the bug net in for all of my rides in this helmet, and it was virtually undetected.

The interior bug net and padding

The interior bug net and padding


Fortunately, I didn’t put this helmet through a crash test. But I have peace of mind knowing the Sterling helmet meets all standard safety features legally required.

As a reminder, don’t forget to replace your helmet after any crash where the helmet came in contact with an object. A helmet that has been in an accident or dropped is structurally compromised, even if you can’t visibly see obvious damage, and should another incident occur you want to make sure your helmet protects you as intended.

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet Review

Comfort: This helmet fit better than any other helmet I have worn. It sat perfectly still on my head and didn’t rattle or shift. It sat high enough on my forehead so it didn’t interfere with my line of sight. I wore it during my long rides in the host summer months, and the airflow vents helped my head stay cool and let sweat evaporate.

The padded chin strap is another favorite feature of this helmet. It helped me keep my strap tight enough should an impact occur, and was very comfortable against my skin. I didn’t experience any uncomfortable touch points; it was nearly unnoticed.

Enjoying a ride before dusk

Enjoying a ride before dusk


While I wore my Sterling helmet for road cycling in Texas, my fellow BibRave Pros found it appropriate for other cycling as well!

Jeremy and Emily wore theirs mountain biking in Arizona.

Jeremy and Emily mountain biking through Arizona in their Rudy Project Sterling helmets

Jeremy and Emily mountain biking through Arizona in their Rudy Project Sterling helmets

Katherine wears hers commuting in Toronto. Side note – I really want a future work-life scenario that allows me to commute to work by bike!

Katherine is commuter ready with her Rudy Project Sterling helmet

Katherine is commuter ready with her Rudy Project Sterling helmet


The Bottom Line:

This helmet is awesome! It is the most comfortable helmet I have worn in my last few years of cycling and triathlon. The bright colors are attractive and a great safety feature With all of the different features, I’m not surprised the Sterling is Rudy Project’s best-selling helmet.

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet


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