Race Report: Running with Ollie Virtual 4 Mile Fun Run and Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday I joined Lea and Ollie from Running with Ollie in a virtual 4 mile run and scavenger hunt. The best part of a virtual run in you can do it anywhere and anytime! I grabbed my shoes and Gracie, and we headed out on a beautiful fall day on the Katy Trail.

I took Gracie on the first 2.5 miles of our 4 mile run. I have her on the Couch to 5k program to increase her endurance, so we completed a run from our week 3 workout. I always let her dictate needed stops for important sniffs or business. When a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go. She did really well on this run. After we completed the Couch to 5k run, I took her back inside and headed out to complete the remaining 1.5 miles on my own. My lungs felt strong, my legs felt strong, but there was an ache in my left knee. I lengthened my stride to ease the pressure and completed the race. I’ll be sure to watch this and make sure it doesn’t become an issue.

For the scavenger hunt, we were looking to photograph the following items: something beautiful, something unique, something that makes me smile, a selfie, and a record of the run. Although I run and walk down the Katy Trail often, having to be on the looking for these items helped open my eyes and appreciate it. See below for everything that made me smile, was beautiful and unique, and a record of our run.




Goal: Let Gracie determine the pace, and enjoy a nice morning with friends

Location: Dallas, TX

Distance: 4 miles

Conditions: Around 85° F with 80% humidity at race start

Total time:  54:35

Pace: 11:23 min/mile

Outcome: Splitting the race was a fun way to break up the miles. I enjoyed getting to do the first half with Gracie, and then pick up the speed and finish on my own.


Thanks again to Lea and Ollie for hosting this fun run and scavenger hunt. Happy birthday Lea – glad I could join you in the celebration!

4 Responses

  1. I love this! Thanks for joining in on the fun and I’m glad Gracie got to do it too!!! Oh, and we’re neighbors(sort of) I live in fort worth! 🙂

    1. allisoncollister

      Thanks, Lea! What a great way to celebrate your birthday, and I’m glad we were able to virtually celebrate with you! Maybe you, Ollie, Gracie and I could get together for a run soon 🙂