Race Report: Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas 5k

I knew I had to take on another Remix Challenge from the Rock ‘n’ Roll series when I realized they were holding one in Dallas.  I had so much fun in Las Vegas (read more on the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k and half marathon), it was a no brainer that I would register.

I got my shop on at the expo on Friday. As a local with a Monday-Friday job, it was tad difficult to get to the Convention Center on Friday during the workday. But luckily I snuck away around lunchtime and was able to get my packet and purchase merchandise I wanted needed.

After packet pickup, I was again a magnet for a loose dog. Long story short – I spent 5 hours in the rain but was able to get him into the car and to Dallas Animal Services where hopefully his owners will claim him. It was a very soggy afternoon, but my calling to help animals in need doesn’t always have perfect timing.

Races and rescues.  That’s me.

This was the first year Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas added a Saturday 5k before the half marathon on Sunday. It started and ended at Fair Park, which is a popular location for 5k distances. I recently PRed my 5k time at the Hot Chocolate 5k that was also at Fair Park. But despite the same location, there were two main differences between these races. The Hot Chocolate 5k course involved a big incline over an overpass and I was trying to really pushing my pace for speed. For the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas 5k, we had a flat course through Fair Park and I wanted to maintain my anticipated slower half marathon pace (around 11:30 min/mile).

I felt stiff when I took off. I kept reminding myself it was my warmup for Sunday. I focused on slow and steady. One foot in front of the other. Just keep running. The course wasn’t very scenic – the back streets through the parking lots of Fair Park aren’t exactly easy on the eyes – so I focused on my tunes and continuing the routine of one foot in front of the other. My mind was racing the majority of the run. I was thinking about the packing I needed to do, whether or not I should take a nap, how the dog I rescued was doing, the event I was going to that afternoon, what the weather would be like tomorrow, what I should eat for dinner that night…..and then BOOM there was the finish line! I wouldn’t say I entered into the runner’s high state of joy; rather, I entered the I can’t shut my brain off and sorta forgot I was running state.

Dallas Rock n Roll 5k

Goal: Warmup for the half marathon the next day, and get extra medals

Date: March 21, 2015

Location: Dallas, TX

Distance: 5k; 3.1 miles

Conditions: 56 °F, 7 mph wind and 86% humidity. The forecast had called for rain, and luckily the drops didn’t start until after the race was over.

Total time: 34:12

Pace: 11:01 min/mile

Mile 1 – 10:38 min/mile
Mile 2 – 11:21 min/mile
Mile 3 – 10:27 min/mile

Overall: 792 out of 1378

Division: 66 out of 131

Gender: 434 out of 880

Outcome: I was really happy that I finished my race close to the pace I wanted to. Overall, my performance wasn’t my best and it wasn’t my worst. This wasn’t my most memorable race, but I’m still glad I did it.

The best part of this race was my cheering squad. My mom came into town to cheer for me during the 5k and half marathon. She has a hat and shirt that say “Team Allison” that she wears to my races 🙂 She’s the best!

Dallas Rock n Roll 5k finish



*Update. An owner never came forward to claim the dog at Dallas Animal Services, but he was adopted by a new family! His mom saw my posts on Facebook about him and felt a connection to his story. He is now named Atticus and receives lots of love living in Dallas with his human mom and four-legged sister.