Product Review: 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights and a Discount

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Quick poll. How do you pronounce the brand name 2XU?

  1. Two X You
  2. Two Times You
  3. Two Multiplies You
  4. Two By You
  5. I would mumble something indiscernible

Confession: I did not know how to pronounce this brand’s name until a few months ago. The correct way to pronounce the Australian based company’s name is “Two Times You.” Over the past month I had the opportunity to review a pair of the 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights. The timing was perfect with my increased training right before Ironman Augusta 70.3, and I planned on wearing them for recovery after tough workouts.

If you’re wondering why I jumped at the chance to wear extremely tight pants*, then let me quickly provide you with an overview of compression gear. My fellow Bib Rave Pro Tom of Runs and Places has outlined the benefits of compression for runners. To summarize, wearing compression gear while you run helps:

  • Push de-oxygenated blood from your muscles through your veins and back to your heart more quickly.
  • Dilate your arteries so that oxygen rich blood can flow from your heart to your muscles more efficiently.
  • Stabilize your muscles and decrease the vibrations that occur when your feet hit the ground while you’re running, which decreases fatigue and muscle soreness.

So overall, compression helps your leg muscles to perform better for longer periods of time without feeling as sore afterwards. I wear compression socks, sleeves, and tights during long runs and after tough workouts for recovery. As with most compression tights, they looked extremely tiny when I pulled them out of the package. I followed their sizing chart (see below) to order the size corresponding with my height and weight. Despite their seemingly small size when not stretched, the pants fit me very well. 2XU provides an easy sizing chart so you can be sure to get the correct size. And they create tall sizes – woo hoo!


The more force needed to stretch the fabric wiggling in and out of them means the more compression power the fabric exerts for muscle stabilization and protection. The 2XU elite compression is reported to measure 105D and ranks the highest in performance on the test results reports by 2XU.

Powerful Compression

I was most interested in the technology of these compression tights- the Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS). MCS is described as a fabric technology designed to support key muscle groups against impact and strain by wrapping key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to reduce oscillation. This lessens the damage to the muscles allowing you to perform stronger and longer. When you look at the inside of the pants, you can see the various stamping in supported areas. MCS also offers superior performance for recovery, with greater protection against blood pooling post-activity.

Unfortunately it was way too hot in Texas for me to fully test these compression tights while running, so I only had the chance to test them while recovering after workouts. I even wore them in the hotel and car during a leg of our road trip back home to Texas after Ironman Augusta 70.3.

Recovering in my 2XU MCSRun Compression Tights

What I liked most about the tights:

  • The overall design and muscle stamping technology
  • The adjustable drawstring waistband
  • An interior key pocket – always handy!
  • Comfortable ankle elastic to keep tights in place
  • Very flexible fabric and easy to move in
  • More easy to get in and out of than some other compression tights I’ve tried
  • Not overly tight; it was just the right amount of tightness and compression to be comfortable and still experience the benefits
  • Fabric wasn’t very hot or too thick; it was just the right amount of comfort

Things I didn’t care for:

  • The waistband isn’t very thick and would become uncomfortable after a few hours of wear
  • There is some slight sheerness – note I’m rather porcelain skinned – but I don’t recommend going to a yoga class in them. They aren’t designed for yoga anyways, so you should be covered when wearing them while running.

Overall, I really like these compression tights and will continue use them as recovery pants. Now, for the awesome discount! Use code BIBRAVE20 to save 20% off ALL 2XU items! Even better, there is no limit on the use of this code! Get stocked up for yourself and consider some holiday shopping for others: http://bit.ly/2XUbibrave

*And just in case you’re wondering what I do for the tight pants song and dance, here’s the inspiration.

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