OOFOS OOmg Shoes

OOFOS OOmg Slip-On Shoe Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of OOFOS OOmg low shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I walk several miles each day with my cute pup, Gracie, so having a pair of comfortable shoes that are easy to get on and off is extremely important. I am also currently fostering a handsome young Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix named Fitz, so I find myself out and about several times a day and walking several miles. Recently I received another fantastic BibRave Pro opportunity to test the newly release OOFOS OOmg shoes.


The Brand:

OOFOS was started by a group of friends that saw a need for footwear that could help those on their feet for long periods recover. The athletic and support shoe industry focuses on rebound and energy return; OOFOS focuses on absorbing shock and recovery. While OOFOS has had sandal styles available for several years, the OOmg model is the company’s first fully closed shoe. 

The Specs:

    • OOFOS are constructed from a unique and proprietary, closed cell foam named OOfoam.
    • OOfoam absorbs 37% more shock than EVA, the traditional footwear foam.
    • A patented footbed cradles arches and relieves pressure on ankles, knees, hips and lower back.
    • The arch support allows feet to move in a natural motion and releases pressure on the forefoot and ball of the foot.
    • Biomechanically designed, OOFOS flex with both your foot and the ground. The soft, flexible OOfoam material enables your foot to articulate the way nature intended.
    • OOFOS are machine washable.

The Test:


The OOmg shoes are unisex. My initial reaction to the style of these shoes was a bit hesitant. They appeared very Crocs-esque at first glance, which isn’t my personal style. However, I am happy to report that my preliminary judgement soon worn off after I slipped them on my feet and got a different view of them.

Opening the box of my new OOFOS OOmg shoes

Opening the box of my new OOFOS OOmg shoes.

Style preferences are subjective, but I rate these as being on par with similar brand styles of slip-on shoes. I chose the white and black pair, but they also come in a black and gray combination and black and citron combination.

Jeannine (@jeannineavelino) is rocking the black and citron combination.

Jeannine (@jeannineavelino) is rocking the black and citron combination.

Fit and Ease:

I ordered my regular size of shoes and found these to be true to size. I didn’t have any uncomfortable pain points and they were comfortable from the moment I slipped them on. If you are a half size, the team at OOFOS recommends ordering the next size up.

I prefer to keep a pair of slip-ons by my front door so I can quickly pull them on and off for my numerous dog walking adventures outside. The OOmg shoes can be slipped on with just one finger holding the back while you slip your foot in, and can quickly and easily be kicked off or gently removed.

OOFOS OOmg Shoes


The OOmg shoe really shines in the comfort category. I walk beween 15 and 25 miles a week with the dogs – on top of my running mileage – and these shoes made every step comfortable. The OOfoam is very absorbent and provides the support my feet need.

OOFOS OOmg Shoes


The Bottom Line:

The OOFOS OOmg is a great pair of slip-on shoes that I will continue to wear constantly.

To find out more about Fitz and to submit an adoption application, visit Dallas Pets Alive and follow him on Instagram at @FitzDigsDallas.