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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It’s been several months since my last post because illness, work, injuries, changes life has really smacked me in the face a few times. But I’ve been trying to maintain my training while getting things settled. So let’s cover a few highlights of the four races I’ve completed in the last three months. I completed the Tri Waco sprint triathlon in May and did not have an asthma attack like last year, so I count that as a win. I was surrounded by my great support team of Katy, Greg, Novia and my mom at this race, so it was very special. Having your friends and family fly and drive in to support you is priceless.

Family and friends at TexasMan sprint triathlon

My friend and fellow triathlete, Novia, braved the long drive to come cheer

Family and friends at TexasMan sprint triathlon

Katy, Greg and my mom flew in from Florida to cheer me on

I ran the Wounded Warrior Military Miles 10k in June. It was my first time running this race and only my second time running a 10k distance race. I was glad to be out there, but the plantar strain in my foot hurt and it was very humid. Being surround by military personnel always makes me emotional. My dad served in the Army and I’m so very appreciative to those that serve our great country, and I never have the adequate words to describe my gratitude. I loved the purpose of racing for military support organizations.

Wounded Warrior Military Miles 10k

Why yes, my nails match my outfit. Thanks for noticing!

Wounded Warrior Military Miles 10k medal

The Wounded Warrior Military Miles 10k medal

In the beginning of July, I tackled two races in the same weekend. On Saturday, I drove to Weatherford for the Peach Pedal 40-mile bike rally. It was my first ever bike rally. I was a bit cranky because the drive was way farther than I anticipated, but I had a really great time once I got there. As soon as the race started, I realized a huge perk of these bike rallies – drafting! Drafting helps me exert less energy and maintain a higher speed, but most importantly it helps me work on comfort and confidence on the bike.

A buffalo at Peach Pedal Bike Rally aid station in Weatherford, Texas

There was a buffalo at the last aid station. Of course I had to stop and spend some time with him.

Peach Pedal Bike Rally in Weatherford, Texas

Snoop and me after tackling our first bike rally.


Then the very next day, I swam in the Open Water Swim Challenge in Little Elm. Last time I swam in this race, I got very lost in the water and ended up doing a distance much farther than I signed up for. I also stepped on some jagged rocks as soon as I entered the water, so I swam the whole race with a bleeding heel that required stitches.So this was finally my redemption year and I was determined to swim the distance I signed up for – the 1500 meter (just shy of 1 mile).

Open Water Swim Challenge photo courtesy of Tri-Now Endurance

Waiting for our wave to be released. Photo courtesy of Tri-Now Endurance

A storm the night before knocked the buoys way off course so the organizers had to reset them on race morning. Even as they moved them, wind kept blowing the buoys away. So the organizers told us to sight off boats (boats? I see jet skis and canoes and one boat WAY out there which was too far away). Off we went, and AGAIN I got disoriented and didn’t see a boat. I drafted off others in my group until I was convinced they took a wrong turn, and I caught up with people from the previous wave to complete the race. I’m not entirely sure if I swam the course as intended, but I know I swam the correct distance. I love participating in the race because it isolates the open water swimming – my favorite leg of the triathlon – but I’m not sure it loves me back since I kept getting lost on the course! I earned second place in my age group, which I’m pretty stoked about!

Open Water Swim Challenge with DFW Tri Club teammates

Lyndsi, Tarina and I each placed second in our respective races!

So here I am, getting back into the swing of things. I completed the Tri Waco Olympic triathlon last weekend, which I’ll discuss in my next post. As of today, I have 49 days until Ironman Augusta 70.3. I’m doing my best to roll with the challenges and changes and make adjustments accordingly as I continue to work towards that goal. For now, I’ll leave you with an apropos inspirational quote.

That Albert Einstein wasn't a fool. Image courtesy of Pepperminted.

That Albert Einstein wasn’t a fool. Image courtesy of Pepperminted.