Fresh Mountain Air

My dad taught me to ski when I was four and we were living in Germany. He strapped me on (what felt like) two sticks and sent me downhill, and we’ve been skiing ever since. Now that I live in a different state from my parents, it’s so nice to have a week of the year to look forward to spending with my dad on the slopes. This year, we returned to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a week on the mountain.

Steamboat 2015 2

Our trip was great. There wasn’t much new fresh snow the week we were there, but that’s just how the weather chips fell. I was sore the first two days, but once my mountain legs and muscle memory kicked in, I felt great! And how could you not love the view?

Fresh mountain air does wonders to cleanse the soul and mind. Spending time on the slopes is surprisingly independent. It gives me time to spend with my dad, but also time to think through some things that have been on mind.

I pondered:

  1. Getting a coach. I certainly see the value, but need to work on some more time and money budgeting before taking the plunge.
  2. Uh…when’s my next vacation? I need to have something booked before I consider it a ‘go’. Having these adventures planned gives me something to look forward to.

I decided:

  1. I’m buying a mini fridge to keep at my desk at work. This will allow me to bring a batch of fresh fruit/veggies and healthy snacks on Monday that will last me through the week, without taking up too much communal space. A girl’s gotta get her fresh nom on, right?
  2. I bought a wetsuit (EEK!!) I found a bargain on a suit I wanted that I couldn’t pass up. No more rentals for this girl! And yes, I’ll be breaking it in at a gym pool near me soon.
  3. I need to focus on my running. I can slough through a long run, but why make it tortuous on myself? I need to put in more time to rebuild my endurance.


So now it’s back to reality – back to work, and back to training for Augusta. I’ve bought my mini fridge, my wetsuit is airing out, and I’ve put evening runs on my schedule. February, here we go!

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