Adorable Adoptable: Charlie, the Cairn Terrier Mix

I thought I wasn’t going to be at jeopardy of foster failing* by fostering Charlie since he’s not “my type”. I tend to go for medium to large sized female dogs with quirky and outgoing personalities. Well – boy was I wrong! Little Charlie has quickly stolen my heart!

Charlie 2

Charlie is about 2 years old and was pulled from Dallas Animal Services. He was found as a stray and ended up at the shelter. When I first got him home, he was timid and unsure about his new surroundings. Loud noises such as closing the dishwasher and screen door made him uncomfortable. But after he had the chance to explore, Charlie quickly warmed up to his temporary home and fur sibling, Gracie.

He walks very well on a leash and was a great sport on a long 1.5 mile walk. He’s potty trained and crate trained, although treats definitely help soothe him when he goes into his crate. Charlie loves to play with stuffed toys and chew on Kongs and bones. He plays well with other dogs after he has gotten comfortable with their company.

Charlie would enjoy having another dog as his playmate and show him the ropes of being a loved family pet. He is very affectionateCharlie 3 and friendly, and loves to snuggle up with people. He’s relaxed and has a very sweet and docile temperament.

Damn he’s cute. I will not foster fail. I will not foster fail. I will not foster fail…

Charlie is available for adoption through Dallas Pets Alive! To fill out an adoption application for Charlie (before I do!), visit their website. All Dallas Pets Alive! adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines upon adoption.


*Foster failure is when a foster family falls in love with a foster pet and decides to adopt him or her. Despite the negative connotation of the word ‘failure’, it’s quite a good thing.

Charlie 4


*Update: Charlie has been adopted by a family friend! He’s found his furever home and I still get to see him. Hooray!