A Non-Race Report

I discovered the Half Fanatics in the fall of 2015, and almost immediately set about trying to plan how I could qualify. It wasn’t necessarily the perks of membership I was after. It was just the feeling of hmm…I could do that. I run half marathons. And I’m sort of fanatical. Sounds perfect to me! The fastest way to membership is the Neptune level by completing 2 half marathons within a 16 day time frame or 3 half marathons within a 90 time frame. I looked at my scheduled races for the remainder of 2015 and decided I could run the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio on December 6 and then the half marathon at Dallas Marathon on December 13. Two half marathons on back to back weekends. The plan was set and I was on my way to being a Half Fanatic!

But then I had such a dismal performance at the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, where I was chewed up and spit out in the rain and a fierce windstorm. Then I followed that with an equally dreary performance and – worse – poor attitude at the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. It was during the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio that I decided my body and my mind were not prepared to take on another half marathon the following weekend. Even though I had paid registration fees back in October, I officially earned my first DNS – or ‘did not start’ by not running the Dallas Marathon.

I know people have to elect a DNS or DNF (‘did not finish’) for various reasons, and I’ve had friends earn both of these labels at other races. But this was the first ‘did not’ on my record, and it was initially jarring. I’m typically of the mindset that if I pay good money for race fees, I’m showing up. No matter what. But this year and this race were different. In 2015 I raced in 3 5ks, 4 half marathons, 1 sprint triathlon, 2 Olympic triathlons, and the big half Ironman 70.3 triathlon. That’s 2.4 miles swam, 121 miles biked, and 90.3 miles run. And this isn’t even taking into consideration training swims, rides, and runs.

I was exhausted mentally and physically at the end of the year, and the best decision for me was to pull out and get some much needed rest. So I did. I didn’t even go to packet pickup. I slept in on race day. And I didn’t feel any guilt. Yes, I’m bummed I missed my opportunity to qualify for the Half Fanatics in 2015. But that wasn’t my main goal for the year. It was a nice cherry I was trying to add on top of my racing year sundae.


So I officially ended 2015 with a DNS. But I’m okay with it. It was for the best since I ended up getting walking pneumonia the next week, and have been out of commission for almost a month. I was able to enjoy the down time and spent a week at home in Florida with my family, lots of snuggle time with Gracie, focus on getting healthy, and getting prepared for an exciting new year. Now it’s onwards and upwards to 2016, and I’ll finalize my 2016 racing season with my coach in the next few weeks.

Onwards and upwards during my first indoor skydiving!